Tomkins Park & Arboretum

Welcome to Greener Winslow!

Greener Winslow was set up in 2020 by a group of us who want to do something locally about climate change and biodiversity loss.  

Reducing our carbon output fast is essential if we want to keep climate warming to 1.5° C. If the temperature rise is more than that then life becomes very difficult for many living creatures, including humans.

What are our aims?

1) To research, promote and undertake activities that help reduce carbon output in the Winslow area

2) To promote and undertake activities that improve local biodiversity

3) To promote and protect local green spaces

Cappadocian Maple at the bottom of Station Road

How will we do it?

We will take a variety of approaches and you can see more detail on the Biodiversity and the Carbon Reduction pages.

Currently we are working on finding spaces to plant trees, thinking about how using a thermal imaging camera will help people reduce their energy use, and planning our stall for the Winslow Show.

Join Us!

We would love you to join us and bring any expertise you may have or, more important, your enthusiasm for some of these activities. You could help with tree planting, fundraising, or helping to communicate with residents via the website. You probably have a skill that we really need.


Email -

Phone - 07710550057